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Tired of Facebook Study Groups and the constant trolls and spam? Us too.

So we did something about it! We are proud to introduce the new LWES Communities that include spaces for those Testing Soon, Students still in their program, and Currently Practicing NPs.

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Who We Are

We are a community of nurses supporting nurses founded by Latrina Walden

Our mission is to support and educate nurses so we as a collective can provide a safe community and educational resources that will curate the best nurses and in result, the best patient care.


Introducing a new feature, our monthly Blog!

  • National Nurses Week 2022 We’re Here For You

    Published: 5/16/2022

    Remember a few months ago, our team put out a survey to help our audience of nurses check in with themselves as our industry is facing high turnover rates and...”
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  • Resources to Start Your NP Journey

    Published: 5/4/22

    First things first, congrats on recently graduating or passing your board exam! You probably feel like taking a few (thousand) deep breaths, but know that your LWES Family is very...
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  • The Academy

    Published 4/18/22

    Are you looking to take your NP Board Exams? Not sure if The Academy is a right fit for you? Let’s explore scenarios in which the Academy can help you...
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What Our Students Say


by LaChanna Evans

"STRONGLY recommend Latrina Walden’s review!!! I did the bronze package and also attended a live review. Not only is Walden awesome, she is enthusiastic and a great teacher. Makes things easy to learn and understand, makes it fun!!! And best of all....I passed AANP on the 1st try!!!! #buzzwords #NPin5minutes 👏🏻👍🏼🙌🏻 "

Confidence Renewed

Allysia Oesterreich

"Thank you Professor Walden for such great guidance!! I passed the exam on the first try!! I used Bronze and Live review. These reviews helped me gain confidence in myself. I would recommend both since she covers different topics in each. Those buzzwords are legit - what are you waiting for? Just go and subscribe!!"

I Passed!

by Kirk Renfro

"Awesome review package, I passed AANP 5/20/19. Those buzz words are spot on !!! "

Bottom Shelf

by Jerry Arnold

"Anything Mrs LATRINA posts is well worth the time to invest yourself in if you are interested in passing boards the first time! Excellent material that she puts on the “ bottom shelf” so even the least experienced nurse can understand."

Passed On First Try

by Ivy Mendez

"I highly recommend Latrina reviews! It really made me feel extra prepared on top of the studying I did with LEIK. I went into that test center confident and submitted that exam with 58 minutes left. This is coming from someone who took the NCLEX three times over ten years ago. I have really come a long way and trust, the AANP exam frightened me. But I studied LEIK and heard Latrina review and bronze. Best resources ever. I passed on the first time! "