Our NEW Practice Test Question Bank contains over 1,000 practice exam questions to make sure you’re in top shape to take your NP exam. These practice questions include rationales, references and images to help you better understand and retain information. For 30 days from the date of purchase, you can access 150 random practice questions at a time. Once your 150 questions have been completed, you’ll be prompted to generate a new set of questions from the 1,000+ test question bank. Use this tool to gauge your readiness and test your knowledge for the NP exam.

Unlike our subscription-based services that are charged monthly, the Practice Test Question Bank is a one-time purchase with limited access to the question bank for only 30 days. To continue accessing the Practice Test Question Bank, you will need to re-purchase this item. Please note that because the Practice Test Questions Bank generator processes new questions at random from the 1,000+ test question bank, it is possible you may receive duplicate questions from time to time.

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