I’m Latrina Walden, and my official title, family nurse practitioner, combines two of the things about which I care most deeply: family and nursing.

I’ve spent my career in various realms of health care, from nursing homes and dialysis centers to a trauma 1 hospital emergency room and private medical practices. And, of course, I’ve honed my teaching skills in the classroom.

It’s all led me to this: helping you achieve your goals for a successful career in nursing. In this role, I aim to grow a community of fellow nurses who support you—and treat you like family.

My Background

So, here’s the backstory: I earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s in health administration from University of Southern California before opting to pursue my interest in nursing. Then, I earned associate’s (Columbus Technical College), bachelor’s (Columbus State University) and master’s (Albany State University) degrees in the field. Along the way, I’ve earned certifications in basic life support/CPR, pediatric life support, trauma nursing (TNCC) and management of ambulatory care systems.

I’ve worked as a nursing home administrator, a dialysis nurse, an admissions nurse, an ER nurse, a nurse practitioner and a nursing instructor. After myriad teaching roles online and in the classroom, I was a senior lecturer at Clayton State University in Georgia from 2012 to 2019. There, I taught various classes in the health administration program, and I developed the curriculum for two new courses.

Throughout my career, I’ve written and published multiple journal articles. I also co-authored a paper, “Using the ACO Concept to Produce Better Outcomes through Integrated Healthcare,” that was named the Business and Health Administration Association’s conference “Best Paper” in 2014.

My Goals for This Program—and for You

My passion for teaching led me to create and share videos and study materials online, so I can help you pass your nursing certification exams, whether it’s your AANP, AGNP or ANCC.

You may find that my teaching manner is a bit different than other certification study programs—and I hope you do. I pride myself on presenting difficult content in easy-to-digest manners, and I let my personality shine through in all I do.

You may hear me talk about my family; I’m married with two young children. I hope that getting to know me as a person will make it easier for you to absorb and remember the content you need to pass your tests and, most importantly, succeed as a nurse.

Through this study program, I want to build a family environment for you—a place where you feel comfortable asking questions, providing answers, sharing your struggles and celebrating your accomplishments.

I am excited to meet you and help you make your nurse practitioner career a reality.

My Website

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