Live Review Recordings:

  1. Purchase recording and create an account through

  2. On the day of, you will find the recording on your student dashboard.

  3. Once you begin, you will have 6 hours to view the recording in it’s entirety (no more no less), so be sure to set aside the appropriate time and find a quiet place to watch and study. After the 6 hours is up, your access to the recording will be removed.

  4. Click 'Resume Course' to begin and start with the Introduction tab for further information

  5. If you do not view the recording within the set time frame, there are no refunds or exceptions allowed. If prior to start time, you need to reschedule or cancel, please email us at

  6. Happy Studying!

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As always our live review sessions with Professor Walden are like no other. She has cultivated a safe and supportive community in which aspiring Nurse Practitioners can gauge their readiness for board certification. The best part? Since the clinical information is the same across the spectrum, her engaging and effective reviews are perfect for all students taking the AANP, ANCC or AGNP — we’ve got you covered!

BONUS - we now offer CEUs!

We now proudly offer four (4) contact hours for our live clinical reviews with Professor Walden! After the completion of a live clinical review session, you will receive a follow-up email with a certificate of completion.

What can you expect?

  • An engaging four-hour (4) webinar with Professor Walden
  • The opportunity to participate, ask questions and interact with Professor Walden and other NP students just like you
  • A supportive and encouraging review with tips and advice on how to make the most out of your study practices
  • Honest feedback and insight on what you can expect for the exam

What does Professor Walden expect?

  • Students show up on-time — willing to fully engage and participate
  • Students have done the foundational study work and are exam-ready
  • Students do their best to engage without depending too heavily on notes unless absolutely necessary


Your success is important to us — and important to Professor Walden. Knowing what to expect and what she expects means you get the most out of the live review sessions. Because we want you to have time after the live session to review any areas of opportunity, we recommend attending a session at least one to two weeks before your exam so you have ample studying time and can go into your exam with great confidence.  

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Important items to note:

  • All webinars take place through a third-party platform not associated with Latrina Walden Exam Solutions™. 
  • After sign-up, the live review connection information will be auto-sent at least one (1) day and one (1) hour prior to the session. 
  • All live review sessions are held in Eastern Standard Time. Make plans accordingly, as there are no refunds or make up sessions provided. 
  • Live review session sales end one hour prior to the start of all sessions to ensure students are able to receive all necessary information. 
  • All live review session sales are final — no refunds or make up sessions are provided. 
  • Switching review dates after your purchase and registration is highly discouraged, as new dates cannot and will not be guaranteed and are at the discretion of Latrina Walden Exam Solutions™ based on timing and availability.